2017 has been a good year for me. Through a goal that I set without too much consideration, I learnt so many things that never occurred to me before. I just wanted to improve my public speaking skills, but in the process I learnt so much more about myself. I can’t say that I am already comfortable with my ability to speak in public yet, but it has improved significantly compared to last year.

This year, I had the most amazing travelling opportunities. I not only had the opportunity to travel to new places, but I also had the chance to go back in time and revisit Melbourne, a city that I hold dear in my heart because I spent a few years growing up there. They say that who you have as your travel companion is as important as the destination itself and I can’t agree more. I’m grateful that this year I not only got to travel with inner family but I also travelled with my best friends as well as strangers that I got to know with groups that I bring. I enjoy meeting new people, not just when travelling of course. Every encounter with different people brings a different kind of perspective in life and it has made my year more colorful.

I read a book on minimalist living and I became aware that I buy things more on my wants instead of my needs. In the end, I’m stuck with so many things that I no longer use but find it hard to let go. It turns out letting go is such a hard thing to do and I’m not even talking about letting go of hard feelings or fears yet, just letting go of things that I don’t use is apparently so difficult. So I spend more time thinking before buying now, but then I still have to overcome my lack of ability to let go of unneccesary things.. and thoughts. I got to realize that not only I have to declutter things that are visible to my eyes but also my mind with unneccesary thoughts which I find even more difficult to declutter. I still have a long way to go in letting go, but this year has been a good base to start.

It has been a very enjoyable ride and I look forward for a much better year in 2018.