My dad has always been wanting to go to New Zealand for a family trip since a few years back, but now that his kids have already a family of their own, a family trip is not as easy as it sounds. In the beginning it was just my family and dad so we changed the destination to Australia, and if along the way my brother and sister and their family wants to join us, they would be very welcomed. In the end, my sister and her family as well as my uncle decided to join.

I wasn’t that excited to go back to Melbourne apart from that it would be my first time to take the kids here. I have been avoiding to go back to Melbourne because I was more keen to cities and countries I haven’t been before, whereas I’ve stayed in Australia for a few years on two separate occasions, during primary school and when I took my masters degree.

It turns out however, I underestimated how excited I would be to return back to Aussie. A week to go before my trip I was extremely excited that I got butterflies in my stomach. If I knew I would be this excited, I would have came here earlier. After 14 years I finally return back to Aussie. Woohoooo..!!!

This trip was planned to be a road trip from Melbourne as the starting point and ends in Sydney thus we only pre-booked hotels in Melbourne and Sydney. We had an itinerary as a guideline but we were flexible as to spend each day so that we will search for an accomodation when it gets dark. This is kind of re-living the road trips we had when we were little, and this road trip was to give our kids the same experience when they are little. Also, a first introduction to winter and snow for my kids.