This is the first time I’m taking the girls on a road trip to Jakarta. I’m hoping that they would enjoy the journey as much as the destination itself, while getting to know other destinations along the way, as well as the heritage and culture of different places that make Indonesia wonderful.

It was not easy to persuade the girls on the road trip though. Spending hours on the road was just unimaginable to them when it was only two hours by flight. They just can’t wait to see their cousins in Jakarta and play ice skating. I wanted to take them on a road trip because I had good memories from the road trips my parents took me when I was a little girl and so I hoped that they would enjoy it as much as I did.

We started at 6.30 AM in the morning from Toya Devasya and we took it slow. We had breakfast first in Penelokan before going to Gilimanuk and stopped for lunch at the very famous Warung Betutu Men Tempeh. We crossed the Bali Strait to head to Java by ferry and I just love the beautiful view of the strait. It’s such a relaxing one hour and then it was full on the road. We occassionally stopped at Indomaret, which were the highlight during our days on the road which we visit at a minimum once per day. We stayed at Sidoardjo for the first night as a stopover.

The next day we aimed for Yogyakarta, we only stopped for lunch and Indomaret of course. We reached Yogya in the evening close to sunset and we head for Candi Prambanan straight away. It was raining though, but we were so lucky to catch sunset there. The view was just incredibly amazing. We went to Malioboro afterwards to experience riding on a becak and have a lesehan dinner. We stayed overnight in Manohara Hotel which were only a walking distance away from Candi Borobudur. We were hoping to catch sunrise in Borobudur but unfortunately it was raining so heavily but luckily it stopped around 7 AM. The best thing about staying close to Borobudur is that we were able to see it in the morning, where it was still quite not so many people visiting yet. When we returned to the hotel the crowds were starting to come in.

We left Yogya right after breakfast and head straight to Bandung for a very long drive. I felt that we spent time too short in Yogya, it would have been better to stay there for 2 nights instead, but doing that would mean spending a shorter time in Jakarta. We reached Bandung around 10PM where we stayed in Braga. Our first stop in Bandung is Trans Studio. For the girls, no holiday is complete without a visit to a theme park. We had dinner at Braga Permai just accross the hotel, the food is good and they had live music that night.

The next day we went to The Maribaya Lodge a new place in Bandung with a great view and lots of selfie spots to pamper those with an appetite for selfies.. 🙂 From there we went to Dusun Bambu, our last stop before heading for Jakarta. I love this place. It’s so beautiful, calming and relaxing. It was a good ending for our 5 days road trip. It may take a much longer time than the normal 2 hours flight, but we certainly had a great time.