This is actually a very late post. I watched Coldplay concert on 16 April when I brought a group to Korea to watch Coldplay. I actually didn’t plan to watch simply because I’m not a concert person, and wasn’t a Coldplay fan. I’m that type of person who thinks music is something that we listen to, instead of to watch. I didn’t go through that period of enjoying watching MTV or V Channel when I grew up.

But then there I was taking the group to the stadium and after that there was practically nothing to do except waiting for the concert to finish. So I asked the ticket box whether there were still tickets to the concert and lucky for me there were still limited seats left. So I thought, rather than waiting the group to finish watching the concert doing nothing, it would be better for me to spend time watching the concert instead.

I was so glad that I decided to watch the concert. The songs were good and it was extremely entertaining with the lightings and fireworks, but what I admire most was the hard work that was put into on bringing this concert to their listeners. It was two hours nonstop of singing and music. I can only imagine the practice that goes into it. I sing one song and I’m tired. Chris Martin can sing while running around and still can maintain his voice. That is not only talent but also a lot of dedication and hard work. They put so much energy and thought into entertaining us, and for me that was really inspiring. No wonder the tickets were sold out quickly all over the world and people would literally fly across the world to watch their concerts, not to mention watching their concert more than once in different parts of the world.

Note to self: despite it is something that I don’t normally do, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t do it. It is good to do something different once in a while because it might just surprise you, in a good way of course. I ended enjoying watching the concert so much.¬†Going home, I felt reminded to always bring the best of myself when doing anything.