These days my favourite moment is to be in my room at dawn with a hot drink, being alone with my thoughts to write my journal for the day. It is some kind of ritual that I aim every morning, which I have developed during the past year and grown into something that I’m fond of. Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t wake up early enough and thus no time to have a silent time with my thoughts. Instead, I have to juggle up on a lot of things and rush into everything to be out the door on time. I just hate it when that happens.

Writing a journal started accidentally. It was close to the end of the year and I was thinking about my resolution for 2017 and when I reviewed the things that I have done in 2016 I couldn’t remember that much. What if actually I have done a lot but may not realize and instead I will be stuck with a feeling of not achieving enough or vice versa, I’m letting a year goes by with no major progress in life. I decided for 2017 I would write more of the things that I do on a day to day basis so I would remember of the things I have done or haven’t done yet. It is certainly not easy to consistently write everyday, but I really wanted to be aware of the things I’m doing and apparently consistency was not the only thing I found difficult. Writing down the things in our head is so much more difficult.

At the same time, I started watching Ted Talks which you could say I’m kind of addicted to for the past few months. There is a lot of mindblowing things that I never realized going on in our minds. That kind of helped in writing; listening to what they say and analyzing it against our behaviour. Some of the talks are really an eye opener to how we think and act, and actually help us to know better of ourselves.

From a lot of the talks it turns out writing a journal is kind of a mechanism to make us happier, especially if you write about the things that we’re grateful for. I didn’t know that at all when starting to write but after doing it for several months, I found that it actually does make me feel better. I guess the negative things sometimes steal the spotlight of our thoughts when actually there are a lot of good things in our lives as well. Writing about it shifts the focus from negativity to positivity, and thus making the time to write a journal entry in the morning makes me have a better perspective of the day. It is actually a good feeling to have when you start the day.