I never realize that overthinking and worrying too much is a habit, until I discover these Ted Talks presentations. There was a time where I was actually proud of my ability to think of everything before deciding on what to do. My analytical ability to cover all base before making a decision is actually pretty good. After all, risk management was a subject that I loved.

And then I realize that I came behind those people that put things into action instead of spending time analzying the risks to everything. As for me, I spend more time thinking and deciding not to pursue something because I was overwhelmed by the risks that are created in my head. I can find so many reasons to defend myself not to take action that I drive myself crazy in the process. The funny thing is, sometimes what we are worried about may not even occur at all and thus all the energy spent in thinking rather than doing is actually wasted.

So stumbling into so many Ted Talks presentations that talks about overthinking, worrying too much and fear is a habit, is kind of a revelation for me because I’m guilty of all those things. At least, if it is only a habit, then it is something that we can get out of. It may not be easy, especially when it has grown into me for years and years, but it is still doable. And so, letting go of this habit is kind of an exciting journey for me.

I have decided that this year I am going to get myself a new habit: do more and think less. I will attempt to contain my thinking only into positive ones.