Apart from minimalist living, eating better is also one of my goal for this year. I went to India where a lot of people turns out to be vegetarian. I don’t eat beef but they took respect for a living being to another level. No, I didn’t decide to be a vegetarian yet, but I did decide not to eat red meat this year. Considering that I don’t eat beef and I rarely eat other forms of red meat, deciding to go cold turkey on red meat is not that difficult.

One day, on my visit to Jakarta my cousin was telling me on her eating clean project and later on I see her actively promoting her progress through her instagram. This got me intrigued to follow her path. Recommended by her, I bought the book Eating Clean by Inge Tumiwa. Reading this book is one step forward, but only a very mini step forward.

To actually eat clean as recommended by the book for me is extremely difficult. We have to let go of our fondness towards processed food. This include white rice, noodle, bread and tons packaged foods and of course sugar. Letting go of bread and sweet stuff is much harder than letting go of eating red meat because it is something that goes in my daily consumption.

My favourite opener for the day is actually two slices of bread with peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles. Talk about extreme sugar! But, my morning is just so incomplete without it. Reading the book for the first time was actually frustrating. It just seem too hard for me, but then I decided to follow through what I can and work from there instead of changing my diet instantly to follow the diet recommended by the book.

What I felt easier to follow was drinking water to start the day, which I already did and then eat fruit first before anything else. I am usually lazy to eat fruit but it is something I make a habit of after reading this book. After the fruit I usually have that heavenly slice of bread which I’m not ready to let go yet. Before noon I usually get hungry every 2 hours. Since I wake up very early, by the time it gets to 12 PM usually lunch is the third or fourth meal that I have for the day. I actually felt a relieve after reading this book. It turns out that my eating habit was normal. I have always wondered I eat so much in the mornings. Anyways, for 2 hourly meals I usually have some kind of sweets or chips. And now, I’m proud to say that on most days (I have to be honest :p ) I have changed my snacks into cassava, banana or some kind of vegie. I haven’t changed my rice into brown rice.

I was actually very happy with my milestone for the month. But then these past two days I learnt that Starbucks have this promo where when you activate a Starbucks card you get 50% off on the drink. It’s so intriguing. So I was having my third Starbucks for the week when I finally stopped and tell myself that I should stop taking the advantage of the 50% discount because the coffee is just too sweet for me to enjoy nowadays. I used to drink Starbucks everyday about 10 years ago especially when I took my CFA exam, it was where I studied, with my favourite drink Caramel Frapuccino with less sugar, no whip but extra caramel. But then I stopped, I only have Starbucks very occassionally maybe once or twice a year for old times sake and today I realized just because of only a 50% discount I let go of my goal for eating clean just to reunite with the good old times. So even though this promotion runs until the end of the month, today is the last day I take advantage of this promotion. It’s time to refocus on my goal for better eating!