Today is day one of Eid Mubarak, of which the holiday have started since Friday and will run for a week. It is the time where families gather around. I, on the other hand is having an alone me time at home. But, since a ‘me time’ is such a luxury for me these days, I’m enjoying every minute of it.

I choose staying at home over spending time going out with friends. I find that the older we get, we find it more difficult to spend time at home doing nothing and just relaxing. If it’s not for work, it’s our kids that nags us to take them out. There is always something that pushes us to get out of the house.

So, I do what I normally do when I have an accidental me time: buy stacks of DVDs, but just when I was excited to start watching, I found out that my DVD player is broken. And so I have to go out again before I can fully enjoy watching my DVDs. But the way I see it, it was only a minor setback to enjoying the night watching my favourite series.

Tomorrow I want to enjoy a morning walk by the beach, because I have been skipping my morning walks for almost a month now and I haven’t seen the beach for almost 3 months. I live in Bali and I haven’t been to the beach in months. Talk about taking things for granted.