This is my very first time coming to Gili Trawangan. I heard good things about this island and it made me very curious to go since a few years back, and finally I made it here… Yeaayyyy!!!

We took a private speed boat from Teluk Nare to Gili Trawangan and reached the destination in only a short 15 minutes. The moment that we touched down in Gili Trawangan every thing suddenly feels different. It has a very different ambiance to Bali or Lombok. It was very touristy, there were a lot of tourists where we were greeted by shops, cafes and hotels but there were no cars at all. The roads were small, so the main transportation was bicycles and cidomo (a very traditional horse cart).

We stayed at Natya Hotel, where it was strategically located at the centre of Gili Trawangan. It was only around 5 minutes walk from the dock. We reached the hotel around 2PM so by the time we checked in we were hungry. We were informed by the hotel staff the best area to go for snorkling and see the sunset. Looking at the time we decided to have lunch at the part of Gili Trawangan that are exposed to sunset which were around 15 minutes walk from the hotel. The island is very small so everything is reachable by foot or bicycling.

We arrived at this super cute place, PinkCoco, where everything is rightly pink. We ended up staying there until after sunset. They have the swings on the beach which makes it a must to take pictures in. Going to Gili Trawangan is just incomplete without having a picture in the swings.

We head back to our hotel just after sunset and had dinner in one of the restaurants close to our hotel. Our first choice was Scallywags but it was so crowded and the queue was so long, we decided to eat at the Beach House instead. It served grilled seafood as well among other things. The wind in Gili Trawangan at this time of year is quite heavy so the food got cold very fast. It was still tasty though. My friends and I couldn’t get enough of the plecing sambal that everything we ate goes with it.

The next morning we rented a bike and strolled around the island. I find Gili Trawangan is so vibrant and yet relaxing with such a beautiful beach. Before returning to Lombok Island we stopped by Gili Meno. It was a much quiter place with still limited hotels and cafes. The water is just so crystal clear and bright blue. It was just relaxing and calming to sit on the beach and look at the waters. It was just too tempting not to jump in the waters.

We really enjoyed our time off at Gili Trawangan, but a one night stay is definitely too short. We didn’t even get to snorkeling around the island. I would definitely come back one day.