Finally, we made it to our much awaited trip, after a neverending discussion on where to go. But then again they say that anticipating a holiday can be just exciting as the holiday itself. Actually, we have already decided on the timing of our trip since the beginning of the year. One of us work as a tax consultant and with the hecticness of tax amnesty and such she anticipated that she would only be able to take a break during the September long weekend. It is planning the where to go bit that was more difficult. Manado, Belitung, Medan and Pulau Komodo was amongst our consideration, but we finally decided on Lombok.

Three years ago, we decided to take a holiday together in Bali. There were five of us then. I think it was the first time since university that we had a holiday together. Starting a career, and then family made us unable to see each other as much as we would like. So, it was kind of surprising that out of the blue we were able to have a spontaneous holiday together and it kind of set a new standard for us, which was to have more trips together.

Last year as we started to reminisce about our Bali trip and building anticipation for our next trip, we lost one of our friend to aneurism. It happened so fast that only two weeks after her aneurism attack she left us permanently, leaving her 6 year old son. It really shocked us. It made us realize that life can take us at any time and that our time here is limited. It was kind of a reminder for us to be grateful just to be alive and not to take things for granted.

No matter how busy we are in pursuing our dream, we have to once in a while force ourselves to take the time off to enjoy the present. Sometimes we forget that what we have now was once a dream as well. So we committed to have regular trips together. We would make the time out of our daily routines to deliberately catch up with each other’s lives. After all, life is too short sometimes and time can slip away so quickly if we just let things flow.