Every February my age officially increase by one. I look at my birthdays now as simply that, just another number added to my age. Somehow, I don’t find birthdays as special as it was before. I guess the more birthdays we have, the less special it gets. Maybe that’s why I still think I’m 25 even when that has passed over a decade ago.

But then, growing old apparently is a fact of life. I don’t feel like I’ve aged, nevertheless our body ages whether we want to or not. Just today I found 6 white hairs, which was quite a nightmare. Having visible signs of aging is definitely not easy. Yesterday I watched reruns of Sex and the City where Samantha drinks all these kinds of vitamins to trick the body into thinking that it is younger than it actually is, in the hope to postpone menopause. It was funny to see her obsessed but then again I think I’m starting to do it too in a more modest level, not with the aim to postpone menopause yet of course, but simply to reduce the back pains, fatigue and low blood pressure that I lately experience often. I would probably be as obsessed as Samantha in future years. Ginger, ginseng, honey & lemon as well as other vitamins are currently regular things in my weekly consumption.

There are a lot of ways to prolong our youth, at least appearance wise. In the extreme need for beauty the options are endless, from using facial creams, coloring your hair, botox and even plastic surgery. But sometimes, we just can’t lie even when we can appear younger, inevitably there will be a change in our habit just because we grow older. A simple change in my habit is ginger. I remember a time when I absolutely hated ginger, I couldn’t understand how in the world my parents like to have ginger in their drinks or even in the cooking. About 15 years later I can’t believe that I grow a liking to ginger. Now, whenever my body feels tired, I can’t wait to have ginger in my drinks. The same goes for massages. I didn’t like going for a massage, I consider it a waste of time instead of relaxation, but now I guess my back pains overcome my dislike toward massage.

Growing old definitely make a lot of changes to our lives.