My last weeks of 2017 were quite hectic. I had very close relatives coming in from Jakarta, a ngaben ceremony for my brother in law, and I also had a 3 year old nephew having his holiday alone in Bali. On top of that I still had to go to the office as there were a lot of things that has to be done before the year end, and also other organizational events.

Even though it was hectic, I managed to have lunch with my Denpasar office team at Oongan nearby our office just to wind down a bit before getting ready for the new year. Apparently, I have created a kind of ritual for ending the year. Actually, I don’t know whether it can be called a ritual yet though since I’ve only done it twice. I did my new year resolutions with my sister, had breakfast at Bread Basket, and I spent New Years at Toya Devasya.

It’s that feeling of a new year that gets you psyched and excited to start new adventures and just to become a better person. I travelled a lot last year and to several new countries. I hope to be doing that again this year. I hope my travel agent gets better and better with more guests to handle and new places to explore together. This year I want to tap into the Indian market.

We have a new venture at Toya Devasya, a new coffee house that gets me excited to go there and get my hands on that coffee machine to make myself coffee. All those coffee drinking finally pays off! I still have a lot to go in terms of learning how to make better coffee, understanding the characteristics of beans from different places and roasting maybe?

I hope to get Kierana Home Living, my newest playground running faster and up to a higher ground. I want to read more books. Having Kindle installed in my mobile has helped me so much in getting my readings done. Oh and yoga, it’s been on my resolution list since last year but I have not progressed with anything yet. I hope this year I can commit myself to it.

There are so many things just going in my head sometimes that it gets cluttered too much. I hope to be able to focus more this year, simplify more in a lot of things. Only think of happy and positive thoughts. Most importantly, I have to remember that on top of everything I have to have fun in doing all these things that I love, not making anything stressful. Enjoy every encounter with everyone and open up to a lot of new things.