I have thought about writing this since the Grammy Awards and Joey Alexander euphoria but somehow always found other things to do instead of writing. Then I saw Anggun’s writing that was featured in www.tribunnews.com, which appears to share the same view as I did.

Seeing an Indonesian born musician being nominated for Grammy, I can’t help to feel proud. Knowing that he is only 12 years old throws you in a complete admiration and contemplation mode. Yes, contemplation mode. It makes me think of my ability to assist my kids in achieving their full potential. Aside from Joey’s incredible talent, his parents did good in assisting him to reach his potential. Watching his interviews, it is apparent that he enjoys playing music a lot, which is very refreshing to hear.

I was surprised though that there were some people that shares Joey’s success by comparing his achievement to Agnes Monica. Few people even seem to belittle Agnes for not being nominated in the Grammy yet. I somehow, don’t share the some view. I admire Agnes Monica and her courage to dream big, but most of all I admire her because she doesn’t only dare to dream but also works so hard to achieve it. Telling the world of your dreams put you at risk, it puts your achievements in the spotlight, but Agnes chose to do it regardless.

Success doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes it doesn’t even correlate with the hard work you do, but it doesn’t mean that we stop trying to always achieve our dream. After all that is what make us alive. Her persistence to continue to work hard and not give up easily is itself a mentality that isn’t easy to come by. Will she one day be nominated in the Grammy or even win it? We don’t know. But then again it took Leonardo DiCaprio 20 years and six Oscar nominations before he finally won his first Oscar. Is he less of an actor if he didn’t win an Oscar? Definitely, no. However, the fact that he did win an Oscar makes him a much better actor than he did before. The same goes for Agnes. There is not many people that have achieved where Agnes is now.

A friend told me a few years ago, it is always better to dream big. Even if we don’t achieve our big dream, our achievement will not be too far off our dream. But if we set an easily achieved goal, even when we achieve it, we won’t reach that far.

So, which one do you choose?