Apparently, letting go is such a hard thing to do. I find difficulty in letting go even for things that I don’t even use anymore. Gosh! I never realized it could be so hard.

I want to declutter my things, starting with my closet. I have been trying to do this for months, but my progress is so slow. I repeat the same process, of taking things out of my closet selecting the things that I want to take out and then after so much thought and consideration I put most off my clothes back to the closet again. Whaaattt???

This process is just so overwhelming. Talk about memories with our things. My relationship with my clothes just go waayyyy back. There are things that I like but I just got bored of using, or things I like but just doesn’t fit my style anymore and then there are things that actually just doesn’t fit me anymore but it relates to the good old times where I’m most fond of. Whatever it is, I can always find some reason to keep my unused clothings back in my wardrobe.

And so the thought of going through the same process can get too overwhelming sometimes that I just dread doing it until it becomes unavoidable to do because I end up wasting so much time in front of the closet deciding on what to wear in the morning. I’m so intrigued by how Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs dresses up.

Anyway, I now watch youtube series on the easiest way to decluttering for reference to ease my future wardrobe clothing. I hope to have progress the next time I do this.

This got me thinking, if letting go¬† of a visible thing that I don’t use anymore is this difficult, what about those thoughts in my mind that isn’t visible?