Last Eid holiday we went on a hiking trip to Ijen. This Eid holiday we were planning on having a trip to Bromo but unfortunately we just couldn’t force ourselves to go so I decided to change our plans to hiking in Mt. Batur instead. It’s closer and just so convenient because it is kind of a regular work thing for me where I take travel agents or guests to introduce them on the things to do in Kintamani. I haven’t done it in a while though and while the girls have been going to Kintamani numerous times they have never hiked to Mt. Batur before so it was exciting for all of us.

Mt. Batur is famous for its sunrise where the view from the top is absolutely stunning. In order to reach there in time for the sunrise we have to start hiking at around 04.00. We stayed at The Ayu Kintamani Villa and since it can serve as the starting point, waking up at 03.45 is enough to get ready and prepare ourselves for the hike. At early dawn the weather is a bit chilly so be prepared to wear a sweater and wearing shoes is preferable than sandals. You would also need to bring a flashlight but since hiking to Mt. Batur must use an assigned guide they would usually have it ready for you.

This is the second hiking trip for the girls so I was confident that they will reach the top. Actually, they were more excited than the adults. The journey to the top takes around 2 hours so we took a few stops along the way to catch up with our breaths. It was dark during the first hour so we concentrated with just moving upwards but when the light slowly comes in we started to be curious on how much further until we reach the top, not to mention that we started to get a bit tired. Oh, it was also cloudy so we were afraid that we would not catch the beautiful Batur sunrise, but we moved on anyway. And then finally we can see the top within distance. There is this warung on top and for a brief moment we shift our focus from the sunrise to the warung. In our defense, we were so hungry..

Luckily, the sun showed up with such a grand entrance to light up our part of the world. We were beyond grateful and the girls were extremely happy that their journey to the top of Mt. Batur were rewarded with such a beautiful thing. There is just something about watching the sun rising. It gives such a happy feeling and I just can’t help to feel some kind of gratitude over the wonderful life that has been given to me.

Anyway, after taking lots of pictures and having our light breakfast we decided to return back. For breakfast you can actually try steam an egg or banana over the sulfur and wait for around 5 minutes for it to be cooked. It is one of the highlight of having breakfast on top. Going down while it is fun, it is actually more tiring than going up. Your legs can get so sore and so a soak in the natural hot springs of Toya Devasya is the first thing on our list when we reached back to the villa.

We definitely had loads of fun. The girls felt that it was really adventurous. We really can’t wait for our next hiking trip.