I look forward to celebrating Nyepi, especially in Bali. From the day before Nyepi the ambiance is already different. A lot of shops and offices are already closed, the roads are empty but then there is this rush in grocery stores where you will see just lots and lots of people buying so many things just because they can’t go out of the house for one whole day. It’s really kind of funny looking at this ritual every single year.

Then at night there will be ogoh-ogoh parade literally everywhere. Everyone comes out of the house either to join the parade or just watch. Bali is all about culture and tradition and they really know how to make a fun and colourful celebration of things. It kind of just blows your mind away being in the moments of cultural festives.

On the day of Nyepi though, it’s only still and silence. People don’t go out of the house. Airports are closed. No turning on lights. TV channels are off. This year the government even stepped a bit further in reducing distractions by cutting off internet access to give us a better “silent” experience. It’s an Earth Day for us, not just Earth Hour.

I have to say that having no internet seems so daunting at first. I really couldn’t imagine a day without it. I can live without TV now. But internet? Our lives kind of depend on it.. I bought two books from Kindle, just to make sure that I can survive the day. In the end, I managed to finish one book but reaching midday I can’t help to feel light and enjoy the day so much where I have no whatsapp message, email or access to social media. I had a whole day of 24 hours where I am unable to think about work at all and not looking into what other people are doing. I haven’t had a day like this in years. Usually having that group whatsapp or email makes you wired to work even when you’re million miles away on a vacation.

For me, the feeling of Nyepi is we stand still, enjoying moment by moment intentionally. Not driven by outside forces. It gives you to time just to stop and taken out of your routines for a day. It is more refereshing and relaxing than a holiday to some place.