I’m kind of lucky in life. Ever since little I was given the greatest opportunity by my parents to pursue my dreams and a vision that I could be whatever I want to be.

Growing up, I always surround myself with options. Something that I could fall back into in case my first choice wasn’t as I expected and I want to change my mind. I was even willing to pay a premium just so that I can have options.

Lately though I find that even without trying and without having to spend for any additional costs we are thrown with abundant of options. Sometimes even too much. So these days, instead of spending energy to surround myself with options I find myself spending energy to eliminate some of these options. Choosing between options to let go just so that we can focus in the path that we’ve chosen. We can be whatever we want to be, but which one? Deciding on this can sometimes be overwhelming.

Putting all the headaches from being overwhelmed with too many options though, I still consider myself lucky that amongst all else I have a lot of options to choose from. There is not just a single path in life and just that makes all the difference.