Positive thinking doesn’t come naturally for me. It was actually very difficult for me to not think of the negative first. I’m used to analyzing the risks over everything before doing anything. The result is of course predictable, I always become scared to do anything. I became stuck while I see other people around me grew. There was a time when I feel disappointed at myself. Disappointed for not progressing in life fast enough. I had so many opportunities coming to me, and I turned it down just because I was skeptical instead of optimistic.

It wasn’t until I listened to numerous Ted Talks that I found out that our brains are wired for negativity and thus the lack of capability in positve thinking is not mine alone. The good thing is, there is something that we can do about it. In order to make positive thinking automatic, we have to first make it a habit, which to do that we need to conciously practice our mind to think positively. After listening to so many talks and reading so many books and articles, one thing that keeps coming up again to nurture positivity is practicing gratitude everyday. We won’t be able to think positively unless we are grateful for the things we have. Just thinking about it apparently is not enough, we need to put it in writing as well.

So I find myself trying to practice this everyday by writing into my journal. Some days I find it easy to find things to be grateful but other days can be so difficult, but still I force myself every morning before starting anything to find a positive aspect of my life. That’s when I realize that I have so many things in life to be grateful for. Sometimes we get too focused on pursuing what we don’t have, we don’t realize the things that we already have is actually a lot.

Contrary to what I thought before, being grateful to what I already have does not make me complacent to reach for my future goals. Instead, it makes me more comfortable and less scared for the future, knowing that even when some things go wrong in our lives, at the same time there are always things that we are grateful for. Sometimes it can even be the wrong things that happened in the past that brought us to the things that we’re grateful for today.