In less than a week I be will going to India for an Expo Indonesia exhibition in Mumbai hosted by the Indonesian Embassy in India and then continued with a tirta yatra (spiritual) trip. It feels kind of exciting this trip, because India was never on my bucket list. It’s not a place that I plan to visit in the forseeable future, but here I am, almost all set for a trip to India.

It wasn’t until a friend posted his fascination of his India trip on his instagram that I began to build excitement towards this trip. Traveling for me is always a business and leisure thing, because having a travel agent, even when a trip is intended for a vacation it will always have some work related things towards it. I usually liaise with local partners in the destination countries for itineraries and travel arrangements instead of making the arrangements by myself. First, it is to try the service of the local partners for our coming guests. Second, having an itinerary created by local partners would be more time efficient. So, I hardly do any research beforehand of the tourism objects that I will be visiting soon because it is all arranged.

This time I want it to be different though. Despite that my travel arrangements are done by our local partners, I am taking my time to research on the places that I will be visiting. I once read an article that an anticipation of trip is as exciting as the trip itself and the writer turns out to be right. It looks like the weather at this time of year is just nice.

These are the places that I will be visiting during this trip: Mumbai, where I will spend most of my time for the exhibition. After that, I will visit New Delhi and then Agra to visit Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Next stop will be Jaipur and then Rishikesh to have my spiritual journey.

They say that India is rich in culture and experience, which is something unimaginable for me at this moment. I’m really excited about this trip, and I really hope that it will be much better than I have in mind. Will update you with more stories in the coming days to come.