My best friend and I took our girls on a simple three days and two nights Bali road trip at the end of 2015. Apparently they enjoyed this trip so much that during this school holiday they were nagging us to take them on another road trip. So last week we took them hiking to Mt. Batur. They had the greatest time, it was such an adventurous journey for them. Having conquered the mountain to purposely see a majestic sunrise unlike they’ve ever seen before gave them a sense of achievement while having fun in the process.

This school holiday we didn’t have a straight three days road trip but we had a fair share of road trips during the week. We had a spiritual journey to Melanting Temple in Buleleng. Usually enterpreneurs come to this temple to wish for blessings in the business that we run. It took almost 3 hours to reach there from our home so it felt like a kind of road trip for the girls despite that we didn’t sleep over. We stopped over in Singaraja to eat the local food and we also visited Pabean Temple located by the sea, which gives you this great view.

Two days after that there was this ceremony in Jati Temple located in Toya Bungkah that is usually held in July. It is a ceremony that is awaited by the people of Batur village as everyone gathers around the temple and make a temporary home for the three days ceremony. At night there is this night market where people poured over. It is a really exciting break to our day to day routines and the girls just had so much fun as it gave them a different kind of experience.

At the end of the week we decided to have an Ubud getaway. We stayed at this beautiful villa called The Payogan. It was a two bedroom villa where the girls wanted to stay in their own rooms without their moms. It’s kind of cute to watch them transitioned from baby to teens. We can only leave for Ubud in the evening so we reached The Payogan when it was already dark so we couldn’t see the surroundings. Then dawn finally came, highlighting bit by bit the natural surroundings of the villa. It was just calming and nice to be surrounded by greeneries and nature where the air is so fresh and the ambience take us into a relaxed mode.

While we were in Ubud, we took the time to go on a short nature walk in the Tjampuhan Ridge Walk. It was raining and we weren’t prepared with an umbrella but nevertheless we enjoyed it so much. We ended the trip with a visit to Jungle Fish, a restaurant overlooking the valleys. They also have an infinity pool where they charge for entrance. As the girls already had their swimming time in the villa, we just stopped over to eat. The foods are good and combined with the breathtaking view we really had a good time there.

This weekend is a great ending to the school holiday. I really can’t believe why we don’t do this more often. Having a short getaway in Bali is actually effortless. There is just endless places to explore. Every part of Bali is unbelievably beautiful. We just need the right amount of commitment to be able to break away from our routines and enjoy what mother nature has to offer.