Taj Mahal is located in Agra, which was quite a long drive from Delhi with quite heavy traffic, around 5 hours. Unfortunately, when we reached Taj Mahal the entrance was closed due to the visit of Belgia Royals. So we went to Agra Fort first which were around 15 minutes drive apart.

I must say that I was quite surprised when entering the Agra Fort. I never watched the Indian TV shows such as Jodha Akbar so my only reference was from online browsing and from there I didn’t get a sense of the size of the fort, which turned out to be sooo huge. And it was beautiful!

From Agra Fort, we went to Taj Mahal. Unfortunately, we only got there just slightly before dark, nevertheless yeaayyy, I made it to Taj Mahal…! The feeling of being here is just so magical. I made it to another seven wonders, but seriously sometimes pictures just don’t do justice to capture just how beautiful Taj Mahal was. I am beyond grateful.

The Taj Mahal stands on the southern bank of the Yamuna River in Agra, India. It was constructed for over more than 20 years with around 22,000 workers. A huge love story lies beyond this magnificent architecture monument that stands at the heart of India. After all, to make a building for 22 years at that magnitude would need a very deep love, ambition, commitment and passion. A love story between Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal that is captured through Mughal architecture, combining Indian, Persian and Islamic influences. It is a monument to his fourth wife who died after giving birth to their 14th child. When Shah Jahan died in 1666, his body was placed in a tomb next to the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal.

Surrounding the Taj Mahal, there are three other beautiful buildings. One of the great thing about Taj Mahal is that everything is symmetrical. And there were no GPS at that time so it was amazing how the precision of the building was.

Security at the Taj Mahal is very strict, though what you can and can’t bring into the tomb complex often depends on the person operating the security at the entrance gates. Bring only essentials. For women, leave behind powder, lipstick, pen. You will find four lanes heading to  security: foreign women, foreign men, local women and local men