Towards the end of 2016 I made my resolution list, which one of it was to learn public speaking. In the attempt to improve this skill, I discovered Ted Talks with its tag line “ideas worth spreading”. At first I watched solely for the purpose to see how other people present their ideas but with so many interesting topics being presented I became addicted to watching the talks, even until today.

It opened me into a whole new world. There are just so many topics being delivered so interestingly. Things that I’ve never considered before or never looked at from a certain perspective. It is liberating just to know that we are not alone in the problems that we face. Somewhere out there, there are people experiencing the same kind of thinking as us. What I find more fascinating is while the thought has just entered my mind, someone has performed a thorough research on it and just laying out the solutions to our problems. I can’t believe how science have grew so much that how we think can be captured and analyzed into such detail.

Things that have captured my attention lately are topics such as mindfulness, overcoming fear and minimalism. Things that I thought was genetics or part of my being can actually be changed. For me it is so mind opening. Watching Ted Talks is currently my daily addiction.