I used to think routines are boring but this perspective recently has changed. These past two years I had the opportunity to travel a lot, of which I love so much and so grateful for. I really enjoy going to new places, doing things out of routines and meeting new people. It’s all very energising and inspiring, and thus going home I have this new profound energy to do things better and inspired to become a better person, or at least I try to be..

On the plane going back from whichever place I went to, I can’t help to be excited to reach home. No matter how exciting the new place that we go to or the new friends that we make, I find that nothing simply beats the feeling of coming home. Apparently the more you are away from home the more that you miss it. Without realizing, we have made our life so comfortably around our home that coming back home after a holiday or business trip is so much awaited. I just can’t wait to go back to sleeping on my own bed, have my morning walks, and coffee with my best friends. I start to organise the things I’m going to do the moment I get on the plane.

It is such a nice feeling to have some kind of routines to come back home to. At the same time it is also a scary realization. I never realize that our routines can make our life so comfortable and easily complacent with our current state being. If we don’t break out of our routines and comfort zone, we become stuck in maintaining a status quo. From time to time, we need to force ourselves out of our comfort zone so that we can have a different perspective of life and not live on a default mode. A reminder to self, while it is nice to have a great routine, we have to remember to let a disruption happen occassionally to make way for a new and better routine.