We love love love to travel.. It’s being in a new place with a different kind of beautiful landscapes, meeting new people, enjoying the different cultures and oh, not to mention enjoying the local food. We get a kick out of eating pizza in Italy, sushi in Japan or even kebab in Turkey. These are other reasons why we just love to travel:

  • Seeing beautiful places is just like candy to the eye. It gives you a sense of gratitude and humility, that feeling where it is a blessing just to have been given the opportunity to see that place that you call beautiful
  • There can never be too much beautiful place in the world. Just when you think you have seen all the beautiful places, there will always be another place that shows you another kind of beautiful and throw you into wonders. My favourite sight is of a city against water, whether it is in Clarke Quay, Victoria Peak, Bosphorus Strait, and other similar sights, I can sit and let my mind wonder for hours. 
  • The world instantly become wider the minute we travel. For a brief moment we see the world in a bigger picture, taking our minds away from the problems at home that so often consume us. I think this is the best part of traveling. For a brief moment, our problems feel smaller and we feel larger than life. Sometimes it can even give us an insight into solving our problems.
  • Meeting people that we won’t have met before. Having an open mind gives you access to persons that we would not have met under normal circumstances

Traveling is not as difficult as you think. It is never about not having enough money, but it is a matter of whether it is a priority to us or not. We don’t have to travel overseas to get the benefit of traveling. Living in a beautiful archipelago with abundant of culture, traveling doesn’t have to be expensive nor time consuming.

So, while you’re young, travel…! Travel while you still have the energy…