After 14 years I finally return back to Melbourne and the first stop from the airport was my old apartment! I really underestimated how I excited I would be to return back here, a city that is not new to me. It turns out, being nostalgic about a place has an excitement of its own. I was reliving how my life was back then. It came back in a flash of a second, the apartment that I stayed, the trips to the train station and the life I had with my friends back in the uni days.

I managed to see my best friend in uni and I was so glad that I made the time to see him. Those university days in Monash was one of the best moments of my life and it was a combination of all things. I loved the course that I took, my university, the city and most of all the friends that I had at the time that made my life so much more fun and enjoyable. Melbourne has changed so much though, there were so many new places but with the short time we spent for this trip we didn’t have a lot of time to explore the city.

I was so glad that my sister could join us in this trip, it made the trip extra special. We were nostalgic on our life back when we were little. We spent time in Melbourne when our parents studied here, where we were around the same age as my eldest daughter and her eldest son when we were in Melbourne. To bring our kids here at the same age as we were really felt surreal.

We relived our footpath back then, spending time at Monash University where our parents studied, Chadstone shopping complex and then my dad’s favourite pizza place just for the purpose to go back on a trip back to memory lane. We showed a part of our life to our kids in the hope to give our kids a happy childhood as we had or even better ones.